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Alexandra ("Ali") & Jane McKinney

We are a mother and daughter team who enjoy spending time together pursuing our many passions, including hiking, traveling, pottery and basically anything active, outdoors  or creative. We started learning about making pottery a few years ago when Jane (mom) desperately sought an occasional break from propelling her body on long trails up very steep mountains several times a week. A new co-obsession was added… one that has proven equally challenging, but just as rewarding! We truly love the (humbling) process of making pottery! Our designs are inspired by our shared interests and experiences… and particularly by our ultimate muse, Mother Nature. The style of our pottery strives to focus on both beauty and functionality. We hope each piece reflects the care and time that makes handmade pottery unique and the joy we find in creating it.



Because Ali (daughter) has boundless energy and because our husbands have limited tolerance for countless pieces of pottery (though they do develop attachments to the weirdest stuff), we decided to sell our creations through local markets. Husbands were content with less pottery and knowing profits are  earmarked for a mother daughter adventure fund. So Junie Bee Designs was born.


The name, Junie Bee Designs,  comes from the nickname for one of our beloved labradors, Juneau, who is pictured on our logo. For those who wonder, she is a little goofball, just like the Junie B. Jones children’s book character and energetic like Ali (and very much alive, despite the wings on our logo). We just put bumblebee wings on her in the illustration because she made the cutest bumblebee for Halloween one year.  Anyway, you can follow Juneau, mother and daughter adventures in business, pleasure and the intertwining of both on Instagram and on our website.


We hope you enjoy our handmade and heartfelt designs as a gift for yourself or for someone special in your life. May you find ways to embrace your passions and love the life you live!


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